About Us

We're Michael and Leslie, a happily-married opposite-sex couple living in Campbell, CA. Like most Americans, we normally wear our wedding bands on the left.

Leslie recently came up with the idea of switching our rings to the right, as a symbol of our support for marriage equality. Michael suggested that it would be cool to promote the idea as a movement for others to join, and that's how this site was born.

We believe that it's unfair and inhumane to deny someone the right to marry the person of their choice. Love should not be legislated.

Many (married) conservatives argue that allowing same-sex couples to marry would dilute the meaning of marriage. We challenge such people to answer the following: has your own marriage felt less meaningful recently, since more and more states have passed marriage equality laws? We've yet to meet anyone who feels that their connection to their spouse is weakened because of same-sex couples marrying. Speaking personally, our commitment to each other is unaffected by what other couples are or aren't allowed to do. We just don't understand arguments to the contrary.

We support the rights of same-sex couples to marry... we hope that you do too, and that you aren't afraid to show it.

--Michael & Leslie

Inquiries: contact@choosetheright.org